attention romance readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you need this book in your life!

rating: ★★★★★
title: Saint (Angelview Academy)
author: E.M. Snow
release date: March 21, 2020
setting: Private school – California
genres: Contemporary new adult romance, Bully romance, Hate to love, Romantic suspense, AMAZING

After finishing this, I am just in awe right now. While it is wholly unrealistic because in what world would this stuff actually happen? Would people actually act like this on a regular, realistic basis? But OMG! This is one of the best books I have read this year! I read this in a single sitting. Like I did not leave my bed for the whole entire evening, finishing this around 1:00am. I have found a new absolute favorite author if she is going to keep doing this to me!!

We finally have a heroine that is strong and flat out refuses to back down. She wasn’t just one of those girls that acts tough and flip flops between being tough and being a push over. No, Mallory is fierce and AWESOME!!!! She is truly a favorite female lead of all time for me! So hard core and fantastic!!!

The untouchables in this book were a lot of fun! Can’t have a great high school drama without the catty ex girlfriend (queen bee) type. And this book doesn’t disappoint with Laurel. She is the WORST and I love it! You absolutely love to hate this girl. Plus, the dynamic between Liam and Saint? What is that all about?!?!? There is some love triangle vibe between Mal and these two boys, though we clearly know who will ultimately win young Mallory’s heart.

Then we have Saint. He is mean and cruel and seemingly heartless. I have a feeling he tries to keep Mallory at arms length for a reason other than just to be a jerk to her. That ending had me reeling! I cannot wait for the summer release of Malice!!!

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