Money Isn’t Everything…

RATING: ★★★★☆

TITLE: Hate You

AUTHOR: Tracy Lorraine

RELEASE DATE: April 21, 2020


GENRES: contemporary romance, hate to love

Tabitha has lost the one person she had in her corner. Her parents provide her with her posh lifestyle, but they don’t take the time to let her be herself or even learn who the real Tabitha is… So, when she walks by a tattoo shop one night and sees a help wanted sign in the window, she hops on it.

Zach hates everything about what his family’s wealth represents. So, he lies to them all and has made his own way in life, owning a very successful chain of tattoo shops, both in the UK and the US… but, when he comes home to find his guys have hired a posh princess to be the new receptionist, he flips out! She is everything he hates; everything he strives to be different from.

One thing he didn’t expect was for her to keep surprising him and working her way into the depths of his mind. He hates that he is attracted to her and she feels the same way.

This was a great read full of those fluttery angsty feelings. The hate between Tabitha and Zach is serious stuff! You can feel it through the pages. But that makes their pull toward each other than much more satisfying! There is a great amount of character growth from both parties in this book, as well as some great side characters. The guys in the tattoo shop were fantastic! They love Tabitha and don’t shy away from telling Zach when he is being a moron about her, even though he is the boss. There is also a really devastating family element in here that was a bit of a surprise.

All around, well done! I thoroughly find that I LOVE every Tracy Lorraine book I read. They are always full of the worst jerks that you cannot help but fall in love with.

Thank you to the wonderful Ms. Lorraine for my arc in exchange for my honest review.

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