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Angelview Academy, sign me up… please!

rating: ★★★★★
title: Malice
author: E.M. Snow
release date: TBD
setting: California, private high school
genres: contemporary new adult romance, bully romance

This series… I just can’t!

While this book infuriated me to no end, I absolutely loved it! Every single minute. The love/hate/hate relationship between Mallory and Saint was insane! He really and truly is not a nice guy, but he doesn’t pretend to be… and I find that refreshing. He isn’t this hard outer shell with a mushy sweet center. He is mean and ruthless and pretty unapologetic about it, but it’s real. He doesn’t fake it… I’d say the only thing he fakes is the fact that he doesn’t have real feelings for Mallory. He might thoroughly hate her, by only because he simply doesn’t…

This book picks up directly where book one leaves off. There is a fire in Saint’s dormitory and everyone automatically assumes that Mallory caused it since she publicly threatened his life only hours before. He did a bad thing and she was ruined by it… And let me tell you, I STILL want answers for that. But, not only does a building burn down, but everyone “knows” about her past thanks to Saint, Laurel and Dylan… and the entire student body uses that against her as they torment her tirelessly… The things these people say to her… the things they do to her is heartbreaking. But Mallory is hella strong and with the AMAZING Loni having her back, she carries herself through every horrible day.

Ending on another cliffhanger, this book had me reeling! So many questions are answered but I’m left with just as many new questions. I cannot wait until the third book in this series! And I have to say, I loved the reference to Never Been Kissed, which is an all time favorite of mine and truly a 90s classic!

Thank you so much to E.M. Snow for my digital arc in exchange for my honest review! Your girl is a fan for life!

Review of Saint (Angelview Academy, bk .1)


At Angelview Academy, secrets, lies, and betrayal always win.
How do I know?
I’m the girl whose future just went up in flames.
The outsider from the wrong side of the tracks.
The mortal who didn’t bow to Angelview’s resident god, Saint Angelle.
He said he’d own me, and he did—every inch, from my mind to my body to my soul.
Saint even promised to break me.
That’s where he screwed up.
Because every god should know you can’t break a girl that’s already broken. A girl who’s been shaped by secrets, lies, and betrayal since the day she was born.
That’s why this time around, the elite won’t win.
I will.


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