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finding love in a small town

rating: ★★★★☆
title: The Deeper You Go (Heartbelt Records Duet, book 1)
author: Logan Grey
release date: May 5, 2020
genres: contemporary MM romance, music

I received a digital arc in exchange for my honest review.

Travis is a famous singer who gets dropped by his bigoted record label when he is publicly outed as gay by the media. His life is falling apart and he needs a break! So, he decides to go back to a town that he played a very meaningful show in: Holdengate, a small, quaint little town.

There he meets Bailey. When Travis comes very close to making an ugly scene in a bar, Bailey rescues him and brings him to the inn that his mother owns. Bailey has always been a huge fan of Travis Cherry’s and he brings him along to the community’s LGBTQ+ music program.

Travis finds solace in this little town and in Bailey, until a blast from Bailey’s past blows in and stirs things up…

This was really sweet. Both Travis and Bailey were wonderful characters. The hurdles they have to overcome are rough and this book ends in somewhat cliffhanger-ish ending. I cannot wait to read the next book!


Travis Cherry’s record label disowned him in almost every way, shape, and form when he was outed in the media.

The thing that sucked?

He still owed them an entire album. But that didn’t meant he’d make it easy on them.

They were the reason he was there, in that nightclub—the gay nightclub— shaking his ass and making a complete fool of himself.

They were also the reason he met Bailey.

And this is their story.​

*This is book one in a duet of the Heartbelt Records series. This is an M/M story containing mature content.


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