Ethan Savage has issues

rating: ★★★★☆
title: Savage (Rosewood High, book 3)
author: Tracy Lorraine
release date: May 21, 2020
genres: contemporary romance, bully romance, enemies to lovers, high school

Thank you to Tracy Lorraine for my digital arc of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I was eagerly awaiting Ethan’s book for so long. Throughout Thorn and Paine, you see a progressive change in Ethan Savage and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

For someone who always has the solidity of the love of his parents behind him, it’s a shock to his core when his father has an affair with an employee in his company. Even more of a shock when his mom leaves and his father moves his new girlfriend into Ethan’s family home. And the woman is bringing her daughter along? Ethan has no intention of playing happy little family with these people, including his father.

Raelynn has moved and changed schools time and time and time again thanks to her mom’s serial dating. But, this new guy is having them move into his McMansion on the hill in this seaside town. She hears stories about his son and how good and nice he is, but that is not at all what she encounters when Rae and Ethan come face to face. He thinks she is trailer trash and he doesn’t let her forget it.

While the two of them battle it out on the daily, neither of them can deny their attraction for one another. Ethan’s closest friends try to tell him that he has it bad for Rae but he refuses to believe that he wants anything more than to see her suffer and for her to be out of his life.

Rae isn’t going to just lay there and let him break her. She is so strong and combative, giving him back just as much as he gives. But when all of this hate and emotion culminates and Ethan fears he has taken things to far, he uncovers secrets from Rae’s past that, not only did she want to keep buried, but that make him fully realize the pain he has been causing her.

This was an emotional read. The pain that both Ethan and Rae are harboring is massive. The battle between them is rough, but the sliver of hope you get from both of their inner thoughts keeps you hanging onto hope that they will come around and see each other in the light that we want them to see. They are an explosive pair!


The Rosewood boys are back!

Ethan has the perfect life, or so it seems but a shock revelation from his father results in his world crashing to his feet.

A new arrival sends his anger and need for justice spiraling out of control.

Can he accept his new reality and what he really wants or are his actions going to cause too much pain?

Dear Reader,

SAVAGE is the third book in my Rosewood High series. It’s full of drama, angst and of course steam. Are you ready for a turbulent ride with Rosewood’s #89 Ethan Savage?

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