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Better Be Sure

rating: ★★★★☆
title: Better Be Sure (Harrison Campus, 1)
author: Andy Gallo, Anyta Sunday
release date: June 1, 2020
publisher: Dreamspinner Press
genres: mm contemporary college romance

Thank you very much to both authors and A Novel Take PR for my complimentary digital arc in exchange for my honest review.

Jack attends Harrison College, rooming with his adoptive brother in the same room that their fathers lived in when they attended the same college. When resident jerk, Harper makes a bet with Jack that he can’t get a date to the upcoming formal dance, the stakes are loser leaves the house.

Around this same time, Jack literally bumps into Ed and the chance encounter has them accidentally swapping cell phones. When they go to trade phones back later, the two really hit it off. Instead of the planets aligning and offering up not only a date for the formal, but the promise of a real deal relationship, Jack learns that Ed isn’t out. While he completely respects Ed’s boundaries, he feels he will be letting his deceased father down if he loses the bet and has to leave the house.

This book was so sweet, with Ed and Jack having a really solid connection. I despise books where one person is more or less forced to come out before they are ready. Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday did a great job without stepping over that line for the sake of a plot point.


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