Rewritten (Unscripted, 2)

rating: ★★★★★
title: Rewritten (Unscripted Duet, book 2)
author: JR Gray
release date: June 4, 2020
publisher: independently published
genres: adult contemporary mm romance, mental health


Quellcrist wasn’t new to fame or the effect it had on a relationship. He’d been married in the spotlight for as long as he’d been famous. But that was before Hale. He knew it was going to test him but even he hadn’t known the toll that months apart would take on his fledgling relationship.
Long days of shooting, different time zones, calls every day dwindled to days without calls, and rumors were all over the rags. Through it all Quell had to battle his own worst enemy but he didn’t know how to win against something inside him. Depression ate him whole and pain took over.
There was so much more at stake than losing his boyfriend, he was losing his best friend. His lifeline, the love of his life. Was there any way to come back from the damage done?
Can they rewrite their ending?

This book gave me all of the feels! ALL of them.

I LOVED Unscripted. It was my first read of 2020. But this book is even better! I found myself thoroughly immersing myself in the story. I didn’t want it to end, even with how difficult and sad some of it was. I just wanted to stay in the world with these characters.

This book includes a very decent representation of depression. You totally feel how lost and all encompassing Quell’s emotions are. How lost he is and even though he knows that his inactivity in the relationship he has with Hale is a huge factor in his flare ups, he can’t help but just be in the pain and let it consume him. It was raw and difficult. And I loved it because it was so tangible.

Hale and Quell are together in the beginning of this book, picking up where Unscripted leaves off. But when Hale’s career takes off and he is off to film his movies while Quell is off filming his own, the two are in these uncharted waters of being together, but separated by space and responsibilities. It takes a major toll on not only the relationship, but Quell’s mental health. When it is finally time for them to come back together to film more of Pirate Night, the project they star in together, they don’t know how to be those same people anymore.

The angst and pain are so f**king good in this book!!!! You know they love each other and they are both hurting so so badly, but you know that they need to both be able to get to that place again where they can be together in a healthy way. I wanted to cry and scream at them to just open their eyes. It was amazing. I love when a book can make me feel that way!

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