Dancing with Daddy

rating: ★★★☆☆
title: Dancing with Daddy
author: Susan Hawke
release date: May 16, 2020
publisher: independently published
genres: contemporary mm romance, friends to lovers, family


I love my daughter, but finding out she wasn’t biologically mine is the best news ever.

I’m a widower who is too scared to have the stupid test that would tell me whether or not I even have the gene that would mean dealing with a horrible illness and certain death. A gene that could’ve also been passed to my child, had she been mine.

She’ll need her father, if something ever does happen to me…That’s why I search for Maddie’s biological father, and when I find him, ask him to become part of her life.

What I didn’t expect is for him to become my best friend. Shane is fun and easygoing, the exact opposite of me. He makes me laugh. He’s the perfect antidote for my neurotic existence. And he’s bi, like me.

But am I courageous enough to take the leap into falling in love with him?

Dancing with Daddy is a super sweet, full-length, standalone, feel good mm romance. There’s no angst, just two very opposite men who befriend each other super fast then slowly find their way to love…all while parenting the precocious five-year-old who belongs to both of them.

Thank you to the author and to Gay Romance Reviews for my DRC in exchange for my honest review.

This was the super cute story of how something tragic can be a blessing in disguise.

Thank you to the author and Gay Romance Reviews for my advanced digital copy in exchange for my honest review.

Widower Brad learns that his daughter isn’t biologically his and seeks out her real father, Shane. Instead of being furious at the situation, Brad is happy since he has a potentially hereditary disease in his family history that he doesn’t want his daughter to suffer from.

Upon learning of Brad’s (and Maddie’s) existence, it doesn’t take long before Shane and Brad are ready to meet up. Inviting Shane into their lives, Brad gets more than he expected when he gains a best friend. The relationship grows into an attraction and desire for each other.

I liked the relationship between Maddie and both Brad and Shane. It was all a very convenient situation. It was enjoyable and I liked the full story but I wasn’t as gripped by it as I would have liked.

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