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Lost in the Florist

rating: ★★★☆☆
title: Lost in the Florist (Blooming Hearts, book 1)
author: Riley Long, Marie Cole
release date: June 9, 2020
publisher: independently published
genres: mm romance, adult contemporary romance


A fast-paced, sexy romance in the woods that will make Smokey Bear come running.

Jax fled his small hometown eight years ago to make it big in LA. His music career took off and he hasn’t been back to see his childhood best friend Emmett–his first, unrequited love–since. No man has lived up to that first love, though Jax has certainly tried.

When he finally gets a vacation, Jax decides to put his playboy ways behind him, surprise Emmett with a visit, and finally lay his feelings on the line. But Emmett has a few surprises up his sleeve, too–including one big secret. Emmett is a virgin.

Thank you very much to Gay Romance Reviews and the authors for my digital arc of this book in exchange for my honest review.

While there was nothing particularly bad about this book, I definitely wasn’t captivated. The events and outcomes seemed rather convenient, while the process of getting there was full of mixed signals.

We have Jax, a closeted gay rockstar who has always had a major crush on his best friend… And we have Emmett, a closeted gay sweetheart who has always had a major crush on his best friend. While they ultimately get to an HEA, the path to which they get there was rocky.

I loved Emmett. He was such a great guy who loved to do nothing more than help people. But Jax was a bit of a narcissist, who constantly refers to himself as the “rockstar”…

Ultimately, this was a fun, super fast read. I really enjoyed some of the side characters like Hayden and Raine. I also liked the incorporation of serious struggles that Jax faced from growing up with an alcoholic parent.


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