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Ride (book 2 in the B.A.D. Inc series)

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rating: ★★★★☆
title: Ride (B.A.D. Inc, book 2)
author: Angel Devlin, Tracy Lorraine
release date: June 11, 2020
publisher: Independently Published
genres: contemporary adult romance, office romance, alpha male

Thank you so much to these lovely authors for my DRC in exchange for my honest review.


Not everything is as it seems with Tyler and his new assistant Anna.

It’s going to be a wild RIDE!

Welcome back to B.A.D. Inc. where our glossy pages only hide the dark and dirty world that turns beneath. If you like your alphas brooding and demanding then you’re in the right place. Get your e-readers ready because our new dark, suspenseful romance is going to set it alight.

Tyler Ward, part owner of B.A.D. Inc, is the glue that holds his entire dysfunctional family together, never having a moment to breathe. With two brothers who can’t keep it together, an alcoholic father, and a mother who cares more about jumping between his father’s and his uncle’s bed to worry about how to parent her brood, he is constantly having to clean up the mess. But, at least he has a competent new assistant to help him at work.

Anna Hawley has a secret. A secret that cannot get out or her life will be in danger. She left a terrible life at her father’s magazine in the US to come to the UK and work for his enemies. If Tyler finds out who she is, though, she will have a lot more to worry about than her father finding her.

What I loved about this book, aside from the unavoidable romance between Tyler and Anna, is that secrets are revealed early on in the story. It isn’t used as a plot point at the end to create friction. The friction is there from the start and we spend the entirely of the book watching to see if they can put out the fire. It was wonderful!

It was great to see Deacon again. His attitude and all around a**hole-ness made me very happy. Tyler wasn’t my favorite alpha male. I had an issue with his take first, ask questions later outlook on sex. It made me a little uncomfortable, but since Deacon was the same way in Torment, I was able to look past it (since this is fiction). Anna was pretty badass and I enjoyed the way she took care of her own family.


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