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Eden – E.M. Snow

Thank you to the author for my gifted copy of the DRC in exchange for my honest review.

RATING: ★★★★★
TITLE: Eden (Angelview Academy, book 3)
RELEASE DATE: July 9, 2020
PUBLISHER: Independently published
GENRE(S): new adult contemporary romance, bully romance, romantic suspense


At Angelview Academy, Saint Angelle is God.
Trust me, I should know.
I’m the girl who’s watched him manipulate and ruin and break—the nobody he’s done all those things and so much more to.
Saint swears he had his reasons.
He vows that he’s not the enemy.
He even promises to tear down kingdoms to keep me safe. To possess me. To keep me.
I think he’s wrong.
Because we were star-crossed—the vicious god and the unsuspecting mortal—from the moment I stepped foot on campus.
And there’s only one way this will end.

So, this was a trip!

The third, and I’m assuming, final book from Mallory’s perspective has finally come and I am spent after reading it.

What I loved most is that Saint is through and through true to who he always has been; who he always claimed to be. He isn’t a nice guy… He isn’t a saint… While he has done things to protect Mallory, he always maintains his intense a**hole-ishness. I love that, honestly!

I thought that Mal was so strong through this whole series and definitely in this book. This girl has had to deal with some real problems. She is constantly at the mercy of mean girls who use much more than words to hurt her with. She has a whole boatload of crazy in her heels and she is always juggling how to deal and how to handle it.

I am so glad that through all of this, Loni stayed by her side. But there were a few things that I wished for in this final installment… I wish that Mallory didn’t keep running to Liam. I wish that there was a little less of the same back and forth between Mal and Saint. And I wish to high heavens that Laurel got what the hell she deserved! That girl is a poison and I JUST CAN’T!


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