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When Shadows Fracture (Cherry Creek, #2) – Callie Rae

RATING: ★★★★☆
TITLE: When Shadows Fracture (Cherry Creek, book 2)
AUTHOR: Callie Rae
RELEASE DATE: August 6, 2020
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
GENRE(S): Adult Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Thank you to Callie Rae for my gifted copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


To survive, she has to fight. For her to live, he has to sacrifice it all.After trying to escape the past, Fallon’s worst nightmare has found her. Trapped in a basement by her deranged ex, her only goal is making it out alive. If a chance presents itself, she’ll run. If he tries to touch her, she’ll fight. No matter what, she refuses to cower to him again. Jesse hasn’t stopped moving since Fallon went missing. Hasn’t stopped looking. Hasn’t stopped fighting. When the truth starts to unravel, he’ll stop at nothing to get Fallon back. Even if it means turning to the one person he swore he never would and making a deal he’ll never escape. Can Fallon fight her way to freedom? Or will Jesse’s attempts to save her arrive too late?

I think that I am seeing a running theme in Callie Rae’s books. They are just edge of your seat, bite your nails down to nothing romantic suspense kind of books… and I am here for it!

So, this one picks up pretty much right where When Shadows Follow leaves off. Fallon disappears from the barn party… Jesse has eyes on her and then he looks away for only a moment, but that is all it takes. What happens next is a long, twisted path to see who is involved in Fallon’s disappearance and who isn’t. Nobody is safe from Jesse’s wrath on his journey to find his girl.

Fallon is stuck with the one person she has spent so much time and energy running away from. Marcus has her held captive, abusing her mentally and physically. Can Jesse find her before it is too late? Can Fallon save herself?

This was amazing! I am still reeling from not only the entire book, but that ending!!! This was packed full of action and angst. I really had my inside all twisted up waiting to see what was going to happen next. I cannot wait for the next book to find out what will happen with these crazy kids. Also, please, please SOMEONE tell me if Cason is going to get a spinoff series. I absolutely adore this boy. The women in his life just keep leaving him and he needs a big hug.


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