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Cold and Broken (The Titans of Founder’s Ridge, #1) – Nichole Greene

RATING: ★★★★★
TITLE: Cold and Broken (The Titans of Founder’s Ridge, #1)
AUTHOR: Nichole Greene
RELEASE DATE: April 02, 2020
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
GENRE(S): New Adult Contemporary Romance, Bully Romance, High School Romance


“No one touches the new girl. No one befriends her. Otherwise they risk the wrath of the Titans.”

Moving her senior year of high school was not Lilith’s idea of a great plan. She would have much rather stayed with her best friend Zion for their final year of school. Her dad had different plans though; this new job was too good to pass up, and she knew she needed to go with him.

Being thrown into a school of snobby rich kids, where she would even have to wear a uniform, seemed like an even worse idea. The icing on the cake, though, is Connor Volkov. He wants her gone and thinks siccing his friends Griffin, Levi, and Margaux on her will scare her off. But, if he wants her out of his life so badly, why does he keep butting into hers?

When he first saw Lilith, Connor realized two things: one, he wanted her, and two, he wanted her gone. Making her life at school hell should be enough to make her and her dad get out of his house. The more time he spends with her though, the more his desire for Lilith and her company grows. Realizing he doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore, Connor has to convince Lilith he’s worth taking a chance on. But, can he show her he’s a lot more than cold comments and hot, stolen kisses?

So, I started this book in anticipation for an arc of Relentless I have coming. While I thought it sounded decent enough, I assumed it would be like any other high school bully romance I had read before… and I have read MANY! What I got, though, was a freaking masterpiece. This shocked me in so many ways!

First of all, Lilith was as kick butt as they come. She is the daughter of a Marine, tonight how to fight and wield a gun. Girl can defend herself. When she and her dad move from Chicago to the North East for her dad’s new security job, she goes from the violent communities in the Windy City to a cushy McMansion and a private school. But, daddy’s employer’s son and his pack of Titans immediately want her gone. Pffft… like she wants to be there any more than they want her there. She had to leave behind her best friend in the world only to have to endure the rich elite brats of Founder’s Ridge.

As soon as Connor sees Lilith, he is angered by how beautiful she is. Mad that he is attracted to her gorgeous face and body… and her attitude towards him. He definitely isn’t used to people NOT being affected by him; NOT being scared of him. But Lilith gets under his skin and soon all he wants to do is be near her.

I adored the relationship between Lilith and Connor and how fast it changes. That is what I found so different about this book. Connor smartens up pretty quickly about his feelings toward Lilith. But the fact that he seems to actually have feelings for her puts a major target on her back with the “mean girls” at school. Luckily, Lilith meets Ivy pretty quickly after arriving in Founder’s Ridge. The bond is instantly strong between them.

Not only did I love everything about the Lilith, Connor and Ivy, we are introduced to other lovable characters as well… The two other “Titans” are Levi and Griff, Connor’s best friends. They deserve all the love and attention.

Among the relationships and the banter in this book, there is so much more. Connor’s father Victor heads a major company and Lilith’s father is Victor’s body guard and head of security. They have some people that want them dead, sending death threats and generally causing them to all watch their backs. There is also some great insight into the family backstories of both Lilith and Connor and their respective upbringings.


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