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Out of Love – Jewel E. Ann

RATING: ★★★★★
TITLE: Out of Love
AUTHOR: Jewel E. Ann
RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2020
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
GENRE(S): Adult Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, College Romance

Thank you so so so much to Jewel E. Ann and Valentine PR for my gifted arc of this title in exchange for my honest review!!


Conspiracies. Corruption. Serial killers.
You name it—I’m fascinated by it. My mom always blamed my overly curious and highly suspicious mind on my dad.
My incredibly overbearing dad.
Mr. No One Is Good Enough For My Daughter has been terrifying my dates since I turned fifteen.
College is my chance to be free from his control and date any guy I want.
I’m absolutely certain he would hate Slade Wylder—almost as certain as I am that I do too.
Since when have I shied away from trouble?
Slade fascinates me. He lives in a house I’m certain is haunted. His dog is trained as well as any guard I’ve ever seen. Rumor on campus is that he deals drugs. It would explain a lot.
But it doesn’t explain why he saves me from my darkest moment.
It doesn’t explain why I can’t stop thinking about him.
And the explanation I finally discover is far more dangerous than any rumor.

As an avid romance reader/mega fan, there are definitely certain things that I look for in a five star romance read. I need the character development. I need solid roles that draw me in. I need a certain level of believe-ability (even if the realm of the the story is far fetched or out of the normal constraints of everyday life). And I need a solid R-O-M-A-N-C-E! I feel like I have been living under a rock because, while I have known about Jewel E. Ann books, I have never read one before now. What in the world was I thinking? Out of Love had all of the things I look for in a romance and then some!!!!

In Out of Love, we have Livy, a sex positive, strong as all get out heroine who is the daughter of a very strong and dominant father. In college, when she meets Slade, a mysterious guy with a German Shepherd “service dog” who is in some of her classes, she is immediately intrigued by the fact that he is immune to her charms. He is living in the haunted abandoned Fire House down the road from the house she shares with three girlfriends. He is this impenetrable force that she cannot seem to crack.

Livy immediately gets the dog, Jericho (Jerry) to fall for her charms, but it takes a decidedly longer amount of time to get Slade Wylder to warm to her… When Slade finally does let her penetrate his walls, the two are quickly lost for each other.

But, Slade has some serious demons and some even more serious secrets. Some secrets that could either protect Livy or put her in mortal danger.

Without revealing too much, this was a book about two people who are more connected than either of them ever imagined. Despite that history, the two fall for each other, danger be damned. And it was SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!! This has all the aspects of perfection that one would look for in a romance novel. Livy is the kind of strong that doesn’t have to change for a man. She knows what she wants and she does what it takes to get it, all the while still be a vulnerable young woman who deeply wants the man she has fallen in love with to love her back.

Meanwhile, Slade is a rough and tough man of means who is an asset in any bad situation. You want this guy in the shadows when things go wrong. He is a protector, but with a dangerous dark side that is oh so sexy!

My final thoughts on this book are just of immense joy and gratitude to an author who absolutely stands out from the rest. Jewel E. Ann can write romance, folks. She writes characters you are completely drawn to and chemistry that is 100% off the charts. But her novels can also pack a serious emotional punch! The last thing I will tell you is that the last 20% of this book had me just ugly crying over my iPad and glass of wine. And what is a better indicator of a top notch romance than when you can swoon, fan yourself from the steam, laugh out loud and cry all in the same hour of reading?


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