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Angelview Academy, sign me up… please!

rating: ★★★★★ title: Malice author: E.M. Snow release date: TBD setting: California, private high school genres: contemporary new adult romance, bully romance This series… I just can’t! While this book infuriated me to no end, I absolutely loved it! Every single minute. The love/hate/hate relationship between Mallory and Saint was insane! He really and trulyContinue reading “Angelview Academy, sign me up… please!”


attention romance readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you need this book in your life!

rating: ★★★★★title: Saint (Angelview Academy)author: E.M. Snowrelease date: March 21, 2020setting: Private school – Californiagenres: Contemporary new adult romance, Bully romance, Hate to love, Romantic suspense, AMAZING After finishing this, I am just in awe right now. While it is wholly unrealistic because in what world would this stuff actually happen? Would people actually actContinue reading “attention romance readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you need this book in your life!”