Step-brother Romance Alert

rating: ★★★★☆
title: Tell Me Pretty Lies
author: Charleigh Rose
release date: April 5, 2020
setting: Whittemore, Sawyer Point
genres: new adult contemporary romance, step-brother romance, enemies to lovers

I received a digital arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

It all starts with a death…

Actually it all starts when Shayne Courtland’s mom gets engaged and they, along with Shayne’s brother, Grey, move to Sawyer Point, into Whittemore, the Ames family estate. Shayne and her brother become close with their soon to be step-siblings, Danny, Thayer and Holden. Though, while she and Holden become best friends, her love for Thayer is not of a sisterly nature, but they manage to keep their relationship a secret. Then, Danny’s death changes everything.

Thayer pushes her away, and then things go from bad to worse as she is uprooted from her life in and deposited back down in her old hometown. When another death (in her family) occurs, she finds herself back in Sawyer Point. But it is a year later and everyone who was on her side before has completely turned on her, besides her bestie, Valentine. Holden seems to hate her presence there, but at least Thayer is away at college so she doesn’t have to deal with the pain of seeing him all the time. JUST KIDDING… He comes home around the same time she does.

Now, Shayne is mourning the death of Danny, still, but with virtually nobody by her side. Even her brother, Grey is distant with her. That pain is nothing compared to the pain of Thayer hating her as much as he now does. But, even through all that hate, he still finds that he cannot stay away from her. When he clues her in on the fact that the Ames boys don’t believe that Danny’s death was an accident, she sees the true scope of their hate for her, but she can’t understand why. She loved Danny, too. And she had nothing to do with his death… So what is really going on? Can she stay away from Thayer? Is she even safe?

I enjoyed this so much, though I felt like I was plopped right down into a story that had already started and I felt like I was missing things that were key to understanding the whole picture. Aside from that, though, this was wonderfully dark and sexy. It’s been a while since I read a really good step-brother romance and this was FANTASTIC. The family drama was intense and the secrets were juicy. What’s even better? It felt like certain aspects (particularly, characters) were left open-ended to prepare for another book, which I. Am. Here. For.

I have always been a HUGE fan of Charleigh Rose’s books. She is a wonderful author that keeps you so locked in with her characters. I haven’t encountered a book of hers that I didn’t love, or a book boyfriend that I didn’t become a little obsessed with afterward.

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