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The Longer You’ll Stay

rating: ★★★★☆
title: The Longer You’ll Stay (Heartbelt Records, book 2)
author: Logan Grey
release date: May 19, 2020
publisher: (independently published)
genres: music, road trip, mm romance, contemporary adult romance

I received a digital arc of this book from the author and Gay Romance Reviews in exchange for my honest review.

Starting directly where THE DEEPER YOU GO ends, we jump in again as Travis leaves Bailey standing on the sidewalk as he drives away.

Maybe we were temporary.”
He’d said that to Travis—those words had come out of his mouth.
“…maybe we were just stepping stones in the other’s life.”

When Travis gets on his tour bus two months later, he is shocked to find that his one and only bus mate is none other than the man whom he misses desperately. The man who hasn’t retuned any of his “I miss you” texts… and now they are going on tour together. How is he going to keep his distance from Bailey when he wants so badly to be in his arms again?

All Bailey wants, aside from playing his new music, is to win Travis back. As the two travel and play their shows, some performances even together, they cannot help but rekindle the flame that never went out.

This book was such a great sequel. You completely root for these two songbirds. There is some awesome character growth on Travis’s part as his past comes back to show him how different he has really become.


Trading small town diners and familiar faces for skyscrapers and sold out venues, Travis Cherry took the risk of a lifetime by leaving Holdengate. Alone.
Or so he thought.

When the tour kicks off, he finds he’ll be sharing his bus, and the stage, with the one he left behind to pursue music.

Bailey McAlister finally has a second chance at following his dream, but can he convince Travis to give him a second chance too?

The life of a rock star is not all bright lights and a sea of cheering fans, and personal demons aren’t the only thing Travis and Bailey have to conquer to survive the cut-throat world.

*This is book two in a duet of the Heartbelt Records series. This is an M/M story containing mature content.


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