Awful Intentions

rating: ★★★★☆
title: Awful Intentions (Celestial Bodies, book 2)
author: Elena Monroe
release date: May 22, 2020
publisher: independently published
genres: fallen gods, adult contemporary romance

Thank you so much to the author for my digital arc in exchange for my honest review. Maybe a little too honest?

I needed this book so badly! I needed more of Nyx. I needed more of these fallen Gods. And I wasn’t disappointment. The only thing about this book that I didn’t like? Luna… Sorry, but I said it.

After the mess that was made of the ritual in the end of Awful Curse, the Inner Circle is a bit of a mess. Arianna is practically catatonic and Luna is a shell of who she was. They are no longer at the school, but have attempted at lives in the real world, meaning jobs and apartments, while still trying to stay somewhat close to each other.

Luna is not herself anymore. She no longer feels like the pure, good person she was after her part in the ritual. Haunted by nightmares, she can’t get a grip on who she is anymore. Nyx doesn’t care if she is good or bad, he just wants HER.

Luna’s new job is working for a special needs school, where she meets Dorian, her new boss. She pushes Nyx away while simultaneously getting closer to Dorian. He is light where Nyx is dark and she believes that he can make her good again. But Nyx is sick of only being there for her in the dark of the night while no body else knows. He cuts her off and finds his own distraction, in the form of a colorful haired barista who has begun warming his bed.

But the Inner Circle has big problems lurking in plain sight. Ghosts from the past coming up to attack when they least expect it. I loved so so much about this book. The inner turmoil of Nyx was a thing of beauty. My fave so far, he was dark and broody. But he was dealing with some real pain. He needs to come to terms with his innermost feelings throughout this book. While Luna has the same issues with her own inner turmoil, she just made me so infuriated! She wants to be with Dorian who she wonders about him being able to take her bad with the good… but she KNOWS that Nyx will take all of her bad and all of her good without question, but she just keeps pushing him away. WHAT? WHY?!?

Also, we get some other perspectives in this book as well. We get to see inside the minds of some of the other Circle. I loved that! I need more Caellum. I need more Kate. I need to know more about THEIR pasts and secrets. I want more Austin, more Jasper, more Beau and Leo… Monroe gives some glimpses into what could possibly be to come and I am so pumped for this!


I didn’t know I was so set on truths until I realized my whole life was a lie.
Being banished to Arcadia Prep.
The myths we thought were just empty threats meant to iron out bad behavior.
All of it was a neatly packaged lie.
Hell raged in the pit of my stomach and now we were free to wreak havoc on humanity.

The truth was simple: I was a good girl meant to heal the wounded and help uphold the truth.
I’m the one who tore the truth down.
I stomped on it and set it on fire.
I did everything that didn’t add up to the me I cultivated.
I was a perfectly packaged lie.

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