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Love in Progress

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rating: ★★★★★
title: Love in Progress (Heartbelt Records, book 3)
author: Logan Grey
release date: June 2, 2020
publisher: independently published
genres: contemporary mm romance, friends to lovers, music


After years of hustling their music and uploading vlogs, Jayce and Blaine have finally landed the record deal of a lifetime.

When the label gets a taste of their chemistry on screen, the album vision is changed from a lyrical tale of two friends to one of a budding romance.
And that’s not all.

Even when the cameras stop rolling, Jayce and Blaine are expected to sell their new story.

The thing is, for Jayce, it’s a little too easy to play the role of ‘boyfriend’ instead of ‘best friend’, until he realizes it’s not pretend at all.

With a life-long friendship and life-changing careers on the line, they’ll have to put their feelings aside and fake it ‘til they make it, or watch their dreams go up in flames.

*This friends to lovers romance is a standalone in the Heartbelt Records Series, and can be read as such.

Another fantastic installment in the Heartbelt Records Series, but this one was hands down my favorite so far!

What is it about friends to lovers that is so satisfying? This was perfection. I haven’t fallen in love with book main characters like this in so long. I adored Blaine and Jayce so much! Their dynamic, their chemistry, their friendship. Everything about them made me happy.

I loved the vlogger angle in this book and being a part of the journey alongside them as they evolve in their craft was super gratifying. The process of recording the music videos was so much fun.

But the thing I loved most about this book was watching Jayce, who’d been in love with his best friend for years, slowly realize and come to terms with the fact that Blaine had developed another level to the way he now saw Jayce. Blaine is always so selfless and takes care of Jayce without even realizing it. When Blaine starts to realize his feelings for his bestie are changing and morphing into more of an attraction, that urge and hunger is totally palpable.

I really loved their story! Thank you to the author and Gay Romance Reviews for my digital arc in exchange for my honest review.


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